American Economy — New Field for Investments

BS Finance Group offers to its clients a full range of services in the investments field. Currently, our core business focuses on the economy of the United States of America and various investments programs that allow companies and private investors to allocate their funds with benefit and gain stable income with interesting prospects.
We invest in projects with an idea and a prototype product at early stages and help them increase net worth and reach the stage of stable growth.

The BS Finance Group investment company is interested in в collaboration with private investors and financial organizations for co-investing in various fields of US economy. We can also assist you with investing in the United States to obtain citizenship, an EB-5 investment visa, or an American green card for the investor.

Anyone who chooses to make financial investments in the US economy should consider thoroughly their plan of actions and answer many questions that arise thereby. For example, what is preferable – to buy new business or found one’s own company, as the phrase goes, ‘from scratch’?

Where to begin? How to make all necessary registration actions? How does the local tax system operate and how should one keep primary accounting?

Our qualified consultants will help to answer all these questions, as well as to render necessary visa assistance and a number of other services including documents execution and certification, translation, staff recruitment, provision of premises for transaction of business and negotiations for the period of stay in the country.

With our help, you will have all the necessary documents concerning the company registration in the USA, an opened operating banking account and a registered trust fund.

In case of a ready-made business purchase, our professionals will carry out a comprehensive financial audit and legal analysis of the purchase company’s activities, which significantly decreases all potential risks for the buyer. On each chosen investment project, we are willing to provide an expert opinion with an in-depth analysis of all parameters.

We employ individual approach in our work – therefore, we will elaborate a particular, maximum efficient plan of actions aimed at capital investment in the US economy specifically for you.
We will account for all your wishes concerning future work, take into consideration all details, provide a full package of recommendations and suggest the best option out of all possible ones.

At your request, we may carry out a comprehensive industrial survey, stock market monitoring, real property market research, and provide a qualified opinion on feasibility of particular investments based on the findings.

We will help to select the most advantageous investment project and supervise the entire investment process thereafter.

We will help to not only arrange for and conduct business acquisition or investment transactions, but we are also willing to render further consulting, marketing and legal services to our clients whenever necessary.

We will help you process documents for the company and obtain credit, will select reliable partners, hire qualified personnel, check diligence of potential business partners and ensure a full-fledged legal and consultancy support.

We aim at achieving maximum return with minimization of your risks.
Addressing to us you receive a full service and support at any stage.

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US Investment

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