The major line of activities of BS Finance Group is direct investments in the real sector of the USA economy and strategic asset management. Direct investments are long-term capital investments in new business projects with a view to making profit and gaining the rights to participation in the management.

The USA economy is quite an attractive object for investors from all over the world; therefore, to create a proper legal framework for lawful activities, to get an investment visa and to start successful business competent professional support is just necessary in the first instance.

We offer our clients different programs for investing money in American economy, including legal support, assistance in getting an EB-5 investment visa, consulting and marketing services, assistance of registration of a new company or purchase of shares in the already existing one, assistance in conducting business, accounting, taxation optimization. The sphere of our attention comprises the most diverse sectors of American economy: construction and real estate, service sphere and hospitality industry, IT technologies, transport, logistics and many others.

We will help the investors that have turned their eye to North America to find a ready business to buy or to invest in at early stages of project development. These investments will enable you to participate in the EB-5 immigration program and to get a Green Card in future. You will be able to start independent business and open a restaurant or a hotel, to build a filling station or a warehouse terminal, to invest money in a transportation or construction company. At your desire we will specifically study the selected market segment, carry out the necessary market researches, evaluate the growth prospects and prepare an analytical report with forecasts.

What business to open in the USA and how to do it? How to get L1 visa for businessman and EB-5 visa through small business in America?

If required, we will provide visa support, develop a detail action plan, advise on the issue of immigration and consider all possible grounds for that, help to recruit the personnel, recommend reliable partners and will render the necessary support services throughout the process.
Just call us and our specialists will advise you on any issues related with entrepreneurial and investment activities in the USA.

Want to buy your business in USA for immigration from Russia? Do you need to get (open) a business visa to America?
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