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Investment partnership. Investment in America.

If you want to invest money in the USA economy and do not know what to start with, let us work together! We invite both private investors and investment companies to cooperate. We are ready to share our ideas and include new partners in our investment programs striving for constant making profit from joint activities and pursuing new opportunities.

We work in different areas, and the sphere of our attention and interest comprises absolutely different branches of USA economy: industry, IT technologies, service sphere, hospitality industry, construction and many others. We should specifically note the segment of real estate and everything related with it. Residential complexes and commercial real estate, industrial buildings and warehouse complexes, completed facilities and zero-cycle projects – we both select the best facility for participation in investment and support the entire process in future.

However, it is not enough just to find the necessary resources and to sign an investment agreement for successful investment activities. First, it requires a most detailed study of the entire situation, primarily of the future investment object, analysis of documents, assessment of the possible risks and consequences. One should not just be a specialist in the selected area but have an idea about the specific features of work in the USA, about the local taxation system, legislation of the particular state and specific details of the selected region in general.

Инвестиционная иммиграция в США. Гражданство США через инвестиции.

Американское гражданство для инвестора. Инвестиционная виза.

We are ready to provide our clients and partners with a complete range of services, including information and consulting services.

What we offer:

  • Preliminary study of the situation (analysis of the client’s wishes, investment possibilities, intentions to work in a particular sphere, etc.), development of initial recommendations with regard to the selected investment sphere;
  • Marketing researches within the frames of the selected sphere (market study, analysis of the competitive environment);
  • Search for potentially promising and investment-attractive objects within the frames of the sphere selected by the client;
  • Making a forecast regarding the possible investments (development of a financial plan, identification of the business strategy, analysis of money flows);
  • Legal consulting on any issues arising;
  • Study of the possible risks and development of a set of recommendations to mitigate them;
  • Consulting on taxation, search for possibilities for taxation optimization and tax burden reduction, search for the possibility to gain benefits and deductions;
  • Search for potential partners and clients for possible cooperation;
  • Development of investment proposals and different partnership programs.
  • We will not just help to develop a competent business plan and to implement it; we are ready for comprehensive cooperation and are always looking forward to new potential partners.

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