To startups

New startup – new possibilities

Have you got an interesting and far-reaching idea directly related with USA economy?
Great, then you have come to the right place: we actively work with different startups and render assistance and support to the especially promising ones.

Our BS Finance Group is always ready to consider the possibility of acting as a portfolio investor for beginning and already working companies, to support interesting ideas and to render every possible assistance in further activities.

Have you developed an innovative technology or thought of a new product or business idea? We are ready to take part in that and not only through direct financing; we are ready for comprehensive partnership and cooperation. We are ready to share your efforts of development of a new line of activity, to invest funds and our professional best practices, highly experienced personnel, deep knowledge of the current situation on the USA market and all aspects of economic activities in this country.

Our analysts make clear and timely forecasts regarding the profitability of a certain investment or undertaking; therefore, we can precisely identify the necessary targets and lines of development striving for higher profit and its regular and steady growth.

We have different investment programs which may help companies that are just beginning or already working on the market. We are certain to select the best variant for you namely based on the kind of activities, starting conditions and possibilities for further cooperation and development.

Our vast experience, wide connections, knowledge of the specific features of economy and management in the USA and, surely, regular financial investments within the frames of the selected investment program will help to implement any new idea and to achieve success with time.