Green Card

Green Card is a permit for permanent residence in the USA, a US permanent resident’s card.

How to make a green card in the US? Where to get a green card? How to move to America on the green card?

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The card can be obtained through one of the immigration options.

The Green Card grants many rights to its holder:

  • right permanent residence in the USA;
  • right to work on any position / within any specialization at any company or organization located within the USA (with exception of a number of positions that can only be held by American citizens);
  • right to open your own business;
  • freely leave and return to the YSA at your own;
  • submit petitions in favor of close relatives for getting the permanent resident status;
  • right to naturalization, that is to gaining the US citizenship – it is necessary to comply with the requirements to knowledge of language and history of the USA, have lived in the USA for 5 years without violating the laws and moral principles, as well as to take the oath of loyalty to the United States of America.

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    At the same time, the Green Card implies certain restriction and obligations:

  • No right to vote at elections in the USA (voting right).
  • No right to enter countries, which American citizens can enter without visa, without visa. The right to visa-free entry is reserved only for citizens. Russian citizens must get visas to all European countries, Great Britain, etc.
  • No right to leave the USA for more than 6 months, but reentry permit registration is possible after a longer period in case if proofs of trip purposes are available.
  • It is necessary to pay taxes and fill tax statements. Nonpayment of taxes is a serious crime in the USA, for which, along with other major criminal offences, the card be withdrawn, and the deportation procedure may be conducted – and that only upon prison service.
  • Men of 18-26 years old must register for service in the United Stated Armed Forces, although there is no mandatory call-up at the present time.
  • Temporary Green Cards are granted to persons marrying US citizens, and they are valid for 2 years. If the marriage survives this term and passes the validity check, the Green Card becomes permanent.

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