Immigration through the L-1 Status for Businessmen

Want to immigrate in the USA through the L-1 status for businessmen?
Do you want to get an L1 visa quickly, without problems, through a business or company in the US?

The L-1 visa is designed for temporary stay of foreign citizens in the USA, which allows companies to work in the country and outside it with the view to transfer particular classes of workers from an international company to a US company for up to 7 years.

The worker is to have worked in a US parent, subsidiary or affiliated company for at least 1 year. Overall working experience must comprise 3 years.

Documents for opening of an international company’s affiliate branch (any private business) in the USA and for permit to stay in the USA for 3 years in virtue of this status are to be registered. Documents for the Green Card acquisition through this status are officially submitted 1-3 years in advance.

To transfer some of the workers from an international company to the USA, companies in the USA may apply for the L-1 visa at a service center similar to the USCIS. The workers may get the L-1 visa for the term of 3 years.

There are two types of workers that may be sponsored to get the L-1 visa:

Managers / Chief Executive Officers

Managers and chief executive officers are described in much detail – therefore it is necessary to provide a detailed description of the candidate’s duties.
Managers and chief executive officers must head professional employees or the key personnel, a department or a subdivision.
Certain personnel may get the L-1 visa for 3 years with possibility to extend it by another 2 years (maximum term comprising 7 years).


This class of workers implies knowledge of products/services, studies, systems, important technologies, management and procedures of the company.
Workers of this class may get the L-1 visa for up to 3 years with possibility to extend it for up to 5 years.
Before applying for the L or H status, the worker must have at least 1 year of working experience outside the USA.

Can my company apply for the L-1 visa?

Any organization carrying out business activities (having more than one agent) in the USA may sponsor the L-1 visa, if the candidate complies with the requirements to the L-1A or L-1B class or the sponsoring organization continues to carry out business activities outside the USA during the worker’s L-1 status.

There are nor restrictions to sponsoring the L-1 visa, any corporation, company, state or non-profit organization may be a sponsor.

It is also not necessary for the sponsoring organization to be registered in the USA.
Nevertheless, there must be a connection between the organization transferring the right and the organization in the USA to which the right is transferred.

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