Types of US Investment Programs

Stock Market and Securities

Earning US residence permit and especially citizenship through investment is rather difficult, wherefore we used to consider this country rather closed and inaccessible – at least, it looks so at first sight.

To a certain degree, that’s just the way it is. However, the countries’ government bodies always welcomed external investments in its economy, which is evidenced by numerous diverse investment programs, as well as availability of privileges for investors placing their funds in securities of various American enterprises.

Purchase of shares does not imply total risk elimination and guaranteed income; however, with an intelligent approach and proper choice of securities, such investments may pay off well in future and provide the investor with an opportunity for further growth and expansion.

Purchase of bonds refers to the class of safer investments.

This type of securities has an absolute – that is, 100% - liquidity. Tax exemptions and certain other privileges are also provided for bondholders.

However, growth of prices for bonds is usually not very rapid as compared to shares, which is natural. Lower income ensures higher stability – this is one of commonly known economic principles. Peace of mind always costs extra money.

Precious Metals

Another type of investments is placement of funds in gold industry. Placement of funds in and purchase of shares of companies engaged in precious metal mining – particularly, gold mining – has been conventionally a highly reliable venture.

This is a top, ‘elite’ investment activity always endowing investors with a special status and emphasizing their respectability. A ‘gold’ investor always feels more secure – and with good reason.

For in this case, the asset value tends to grow in the context of general inflation, when many other assets, on the contrary, tend to depreciate. It's not for nothing that a certain part of funds is always allocated for purchase of precious metals and shares of gold-mining companies in major investment portfolios.


Real Property

One of the most popular investment activities in the USA is the real property sector.

Real property investments ensure good revenue and income for investors virtually always.

However, in order to achieve success in this business it is necessary to choose an investment project correctly and take all the actions required for its purchase in the prescribed manner. This is very difficult to accomplish technically without an appropriate support from qualified professionals.

Professional services for management of assets consisting of real property – the so-called ‘property management’– is a whole package of real property management services.

These include marketing services and the relevant market segment monitoring, legal support, financial analysis and tax counselling, risk analysis, and management and development suggestions.

We offer to or clients a full package of services ensuring the right choice of an investment project, stable income and growth with minimized risks.


Such comprehensive support includes the following:

  • Consultations on all issues relating to real property acquisition and management in the USA It is rather hard to find one’s way in the ocean of information and obtain relevant and, more importantly, reliable data on a given product, venture or offer.
  • Marketing research and market monitoring
  • Determination of a project investment potential
  • Competition analysis
  • Project’s legal status and risk identification, required data elicitation and documents verification
  • Financial and tax planning
  • Transaction arrangement and supervision, broker support
  • Assistance in getting financing and banking support
  • Services and consultations on visa, immigration, personnel and other issues
  • Assistance in investment portfolio set-up
  • Plan of actions for investment cessation and asset disposal

  • As the above examples of investment programs show, each of them has its own specifics and features.

    It is rather hard to find one’s way in the ocean of information and obtain relevant and, more importantly, reliable data on a given product, venture or offer.

    This is even more difficult if the required qualification or experience is lacking.
    Therefore, in order to avoid problems and disappointments, we strongly recommend seeking support and assistance from experienced professionals.
    Our team consists of professionals always willing to render qualified assistance in any issues relating to investments in the economy of the USA and other countries. We have a vast experience, employ verified data, and our activities are aimed at efficient work with minimum risks. We will take care of your future.

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