Real estate in USA

Real Property Investment, Asset Management in the USA and Types Thereof

Real property market is one of the most attractive for investment activities in the United States of America. This market is consistently developing; more and more new projects are constantly implemented; new development business owners usually welcome inflow of foreign investments. Such favorable situation has been forming for a long time already, and of course, fellow citizens cannot overlook it.

We offer a full range of services in this field – from real property market monitoring and up full transaction support with further maintenance, asset management and client counselling on any issues.
The US real property market can be roughly divided into two parts:
• residential property including all types of residential facilities (cottages, townhouses, apartments, multistoried houses, multiform settlement and condominiums);
• commercial property including all types of buildings and constructions intended for carrying out economic and public activities.

A distinctly standalone segment of this field is real property acquisition at the construction or even projecting stage. The more time is to pass before the facility commissioning and sale, the higher are the investor’s risks. On the other hand, the return in such case may be more significant than in case of ready-to-use facilities.

Respectively, as with any other high-risk ventures, purchase of real property at the zero stage has to be balanced and deliberate, and in this matter, it is best to rely on professional assistance.

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals, who will help to choose an optimal investment project, assess its legal status and financial and economic indicators, minimize risks at purchase and render further required assistance – both in the course of construction and at the sales stage.

If the issue of crediting is relevant for the client, we will help to obtain the necessary documentation package, represent the client in the process of banking credit obtaining and lead it to successful end.

The BS Finance Group company is ready to finance real estate transactions. We will provide you a loan on optimal terms at minimal interest rate.

However, sometimes it is not enough just to choose a proper project, obtain credit and invest money in construction or development, since risks of various losses may accompany any business at any stage.
It is essential to proceed with conducting a clear and well-balanced policy for the purchased assets management thereafter – for instance, engage in tax optimization, supervise business processes, control the personnel and so on.

This is not easy to do being most of the rime in another country – therefore an involved professional company specializing just in such activities is oftentimes the only solution ensuring peace of mind and confidence in the future.

Our professionals will thoroughly examine all requests and wishes of the client and will select an investment project that will comply with all the requirements and match other projects in the client’s investment portfolio.

We focus on gaining maximum profitability with minimized risks – therefore, the program of our activities on project selection and further asset management is based on thorough examination of all parameters, characteristics, documents, conditions and current situation.

Addressing to us you receive a full service and support at any stage!