Stock Market and Securities

Earning US residence permit and especially citizenship is rather difficult, wherefore we used to consider this country rather closed and inaccessible – at least, it looks so at first sight.

To a certain degree, that’s just the way it is. However, the countries’ government bodies always welcomed external investments in its economy, which is evidenced by numerous diverse investment programs, as well as availability of privileges for investors placing their funds in securities of various American enterprises.

Purchase of shares does not imply total risk elimination and guaranteed income; however, with an intelligent approach and proper choice of securities, such investments may pay off well in future and provide the investor with an opportunity for further growth and expansion.

Purchase of bonds refers to the class of safer investments.

This type of securities has an absolute – that is, 100% - liquidity. Tax exemptions and certain other privileges are also provided for bondholders.

However, growth of prices for bonds is usually not very rapid as compared to shares, which is natural. Lower income ensures higher stability – this is one of commonly known economic principles. Peace of mind always costs extra money.